Bare Maidens Erotic Fantasy Fiction


Bare Maidens is an online community focused on the creation of epic fantasy themed content for adults. We are fiction fans, lovers of beauty, art, cinematography, photography, sex, swords, and sorcery. Our goal is to create the highest quality and immersive world with video, pictures, stories, maps and more. Our series "Arta: The Known World" features captivating and thrilling plot lines, gorgeous women, beautiful lands and cinematography, sex, swords, and sorcery.. As our community grows, we will produce higher level content at an ever faster rate. With lots of behind-the-scenes videos, pictures, and interviews, we'll share our adventures along the way. As a member, you can be part of a creative community and will have direct input into casting decisions, production matters, and other elements of the creative process. You will be able to communicate with other members, cast, and crew. More importantly, it's fun and exciting.

These are the types of content we plan to produce:


Episode: At the heart of our efforts, is the production of a series of hour long features/episodes of Arta; The Known World. These will be full of immersive plot, drama, characters, action, and some sex. The episodes will feature actors from the adult business as well as mainstream actors and will be carefully produced. This series will bridge the gap between mainstream film production and the lower-budget adult world. We hope to eventually release 8 one hour episodes per year. While we concentrate on making episodes, we will also create other types of content listed below.

Sex Scene: The same sex scenes that are partially shown in the episodes will also be available in their full length. It will be the same characters and settings, but this version will concentrate more on sex than story. 10 -30 minutes.

Extra Sex Scene: These will feature characters in the world of Arta being sexual, but are not an important part of the story. They could involve key characters as well as lesser ones. These will have little story elements or dialogue and will concentrate on sex. 10 - 30 minutes.

Character Intro: This is a short intro to a character, showing abilities, traits, history...

Story: We will post text only stories which will fill in gaps in the episodes, give additional background information, and a history of how things got to the current state.

Photo Set: Solo or multi character photo set, mostly sexual, which may or not be an important part of the story.


Interview: An interview with cast, crew, or anyone we find interesting, covering a wide range of possible topics.

BTS: Behind the scenes from our productions. We'll show you what it's like to be at our productions, interesting adventures, interesting people, anything that happens.

Tutorial/Review: These will be short videos of how we build things, do certain things, reviews of equipment we try, and any interesting challenge we face in producing Atra.

Live: Live talk show, interviews, Q & A, performers playing D&D or other fantasy games, bts, and maybe sex.

Community: We will maintain a forum where the entire community can communicate, collaborate, or just know what's going on.


Our core team currently consists of Maxwell G and Wrex Oliver. Additionally we have spoken with many performers who would love to be a part of Arta. Currently we work in the adult business, shooting content for some of the top companies and websites. Our work has appeared in magazines, movies, and all over the internet. We feel that working for adult companies does not allow us to reach our potential and stifles our creativity . We want to kick things up a few notches, and produce such awesome content like the adult business has never seen, in fact, we want to rival mainstream productions.


We have an amazing studio, costumes, props, cameras (two Red Epic Dragons), lights, and other top-of- the-line gear. We know just about everyone in the adult business, and have spoken with many performers who would love to be a part of Arta. We have already shot and released some test scenes and begun serious production . So far, our cast and crew have been working on a volunteer basis, and this limits how much we can shoot. If we had funding to cover production expenses and pay cast and crew at least a minimum amount, it would greatly increase how much we can shoot.
Our goal is to raise enough funds so we can dedicate all our time to the Bare Maidens Community and not have to work for other companies.
Together we can bring this epic tale to life.

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