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BareMaiden's News


New Release!

In just about an hour or so, We will have a new release ready to go !


Hi, this is Maxwell G.

The latest Bare Maidens release "Farewell My Queen" with Avery Stone is a tribute to Shyla Stylez, whose recent passing saddens me. I have known her for 12 years and considered her a friend and good person. She contributed her time to Bare Maidens and enjoyed being the Queen of Artar. She enriched our lives with her smiles and laughter and we will miss her. This scene will be available to the public for free on various sites.


New Release

We have released the video "The Cleaning" with Alyce Anderson! A beautifully shot scene! Come on in and take a look ;)


Brea & Raven Interview!

We released a interview of Bree And Raven! It's fun and awesome!


We Welcome Alyce!

Introducing Alyce! Our newest girl to the roster! We have updated with a beautiful photo set of her, and in a couple days we will have her video out !


New Scene Out!

We spent tons of time and effort to bring you the best content, Today we have released "Speed"! We doing our best to bring out content to the next level. We would also like to announced one of new members to our team. A composer named "Jeremy Jizzaldi"! Please witness the new music and moods he brings to the table. Again thank you for your patience, we would not exist if it wasn't for all your members!


In The Works

We are currently editing 3 scenes that we hope to upload by the end of the month. One is with Emma Hicks at an awesome location, another with Bree Daniels and Raven Rocket, and the third is with Xander Corvus and Jay Tailor. I'm rather proud of these scenes. One of them has a lot of dialogue and story telling.


Eden Is Live!

After a couple weeks and numerous changes, we have finally released "Eden And The Cloth"


Evan Stone Interview!

We were going to release Eden, but we felt the scene was not done yet and needed more. We here are Bare Maidens hold our content standards high and want to make sure what we put out is always on par. Hang on tight and it will be great! However we will be releasing a fun interview with Evan Stone really soon.



We are introducing a new character into our world! Emma of Opila. We decided to delay the Audrey interview to bring you a nice set of Emma !

About us

Bare Maidens is an online community focused on the creation of epic fantasy themed content for adults. We are fiction fans, lovers of beauty, art, cinematography, photography, sex, swords, and sorcery. Our goal is to create the highest quality and immersive world with video, pictures, stories, maps and more. Our series "Arta: The Known World" features captivating and thrilling plot lines, gorgeous women, beautiful lands, drama, and action. As our community grows, we will produce higher level content at an ever faster rate. With lots of behind-the-scenes videos, pictures, and interviews, we'll share our adventures along the way. As a member, you can be part of a creative community and will have direct input into casting decisions, production matters, and other elements of the creative process. You will be able to communicate with other members, cast, and crew. More importantly, it's fun and exciting.

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