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The Forum

The final stages of the Forum will be done soon! Just a couple more changes and we will be ready!


Problem Fixed

All is well, our expert and awesome programmer has solved the issue. If there is anything wrong with the site , you can always talk to us on the forum or just talk to us in general on the forum


Welcome to the New SITE!

We have moved over our domain from the old site to the new site! However if you want to see the old site check on the NAV bar there is a link to the old site. We will not be updating the old site anymore, all new updates will be on the new site entirely. We are going to try to release as much content as we can, when we can until we get a stable schedule.



After this weekend I believe we will be moving over to this new site and have the old site on a back burner for awhile. Our future plans are to only update the new site then have a link to the old site somewhere on the NAV bar.


Moving Over Soon

So far so good on the feedback, we will be starting to move the site over and replacing the old one soon, We may have a button that leads to the old site for those who want the old layout. However, we will be prioritizing the new site from now on, Once the move has been happened. We are currently trying to push as much content as we can and want to release as much as possible on a steady schedule.


Keep the feedback coming

Keep the feedback coming! This will help improve the site overall, please reply with your errors or ideas to the forum


Welcome to the New site!

We are currently running a Beta Test for the site! Please take a look! We now have STREAMING for Videos!
We also have a new FORUM! So we can now communicate between each other!
Forum is best viewed when in a separate window, In order to use the forum you will need to Create a new username and password. Click the Signup button. And these user names will be temporary until we have completed all aspects of the forum
Some parts of the new site are still being worked on, so "bare" with us on our current construction, but the new site should be easier to navigate
Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

Bare Maidens is an online community focused on the creation of epic fantasy themed content for adults. We are fiction fans, lovers of beauty, art, cinematography, photography, sex, swords, and sorcery. Our goal is to create the highest quality and immersive world with video, pictures, stories, maps and more. Our series "Arta: The Known World" features captivating and thrilling plot lines, gorgeous women, beautiful lands, drama, and action. As our community grows, we will produce higher level content at an ever faster rate. With lots of behind-the-scenes videos, pictures, and interviews, we'll share our adventures along the way. As a member, you can be part of a creative community and will have direct input into casting decisions, production matters, and other elements of the creative process. You will be able to communicate with other members, cast, and crew. More importantly, it's fun and exciting.

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